Your company has just one website, which is not just your first impression to the more than Four Billion internet users, but also is used in a myriad of ways critical to your business.  Potential customers use it to compare you and your competitor, to learn more about you, and most importantly to simply be found.   73% of new customers use the internet first when looking for companies to do new business with.   That’s a scary figure.   So, how do you compare you with your competition?

At Powersites we can help

We specialize in affordable, professionally designed websites that all come with our industry renown support.  Since we’re asking you how you stack up with your competition it’s only fair to show how we stack up against ours.

Free Build it Yourself


Traditional Website


PowerSites PRO

Initial Cost
50 hours$2000-$8000$99
Monthly Cost
Change to Site
0-5 hours/mo0-$100/moFREE Unlimited Changes
No Commitment
Free Maintenance
Professional Design
Basic SEO
Looks good on Mobile
AD Free
Live Customer Service
Assigned Web Specialist
Domain Name Included
SSL Secure Certificate Included
Hosting Included
Unlimited Visitors
FREE Redesign
every 3 years
One Year Cost of Ownership
-- Best Case
50 Hours w/ ADs$2740$1287
-- Worst Case
110 Hours and $660$8940$1287
Two Year Cost of Ownership
-- Best Case
50 Hours w/ ADs$2980$2475
-- Worst Case
170 Hours and $1320$10380$2475


So, what does all this mean?

There is a lot to digest, but the biggest takeaway here is that free builder sites have a larger cost than you realize up front. There is a reason why WIX had a $603 million dollar valuation at it’s IPO and it wasn’t because it was giving away free websites. Hidden costs, hidden time commitments and rampant up-selling is prevalent. The second biggest takeaway is the cost of actually changing your site. Businesses change and websites need to reflect those changes. In the traditional model, changes are extra. In the Powersite’s model they are included. Simply pick up the phone or email them in. In both the traditional model and free build model cost of ownership and properly running a site is quite high, either in your time or cost.

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