Frequently Asked Questions

New Website Design Process

Curious to know what happens after you sign up? Here is what you can expect the process to look like:

  1. Initial Contact – Our design team will reach out to you to schedule a call to talk about your new website. This includes learning more about your business and discussing design aspects and technical integrations. We’ll send you a list of questions and talking points that you can begin thinking about before the call.

  2.  Onboarding Call – During the call we’ll go over your current website (if you have one) if not, we’ll discuss your business, goals and design preferences so that we can get started!

  3. Design and Layout – After the call, our design team will get started on a design and layout for your new website. This typically takes 7-10 business days to prepare and will include the header, footer and home page design and one sub page. This is an important step as it will set the tone and style for the complete site.

  4. Feedback – Once we send the preview off to you, you can review it so that you can provide us with feedback. If everything looks great, we’ll proceed with the rest of the website! If you have changes we’ll make the necessary adjustments and send back to you again for review.

  5. Full Site Build Out – Once you are satisfied with the home page design, we’ll get to work adding content and integrating the PowerSites platform features. We may reach out to you if we have questions or need more content from you.

  6. Final Approval – Once the entire website is built and all of the content is added, we’ll contact you again to get final approval before we prepare your new website for launch!

  7. Testing & QA – Our final step before launch is our thorough testing and quality assurance process. We’ll ensure your website is secure, mobile friendly, compatible across multiple browsers and devices among a long list of other checklist items.

  8. Website Launch!  – Once your website has been designed, approved and tested, it’s ready to go live. 

2 Hours of Included Website Changes and Support - Monthly

A: The 2 hours per month of website updates and changes are meant to cover basic updates and maintenance tasks for your website. Examples of updates that are included are small content changes, replacing images, updating menus, coupons, prices, hours of operation, and contact information.

A: Yes, we can provide you with login details so you can edit your own website if you prefer.

A: No, more complex changes like custom web page development and integration with third-party software are not included in the 2 hours per month. These changes require more specialized skills and expertise and are billed at our standard hourly rate.

A: During the initial setup of your Online Store we will style and create your first Item listing which you can use as a template to manage other items. If you wish to have us do additional work on item listings there would be an added cost for this service.

A: If you need more than 2 hours of updates and changes per month, you will be billed automatically at our standard hourly rate. We are unable to proactively inform you of time used, but you may ask if you are concerned about running over for the month.

A: Yes, website security updates and backups are included in the 2 hours per month. We will make sure your website is always up-to-date and secure.

A. No, the creation of new pages is not typically included in the 2 hours per month. These services require specialized skills and expertise and are fulfilled by our design and development team and therefore are billed at our standard hourly rate. There can be some exceptions to where we will do this at no additional charge.

A. We want to be sure you are completely satisfied with your new website design, therefore we allow up to 2 rounds of revisions for the home page and 1 revision for each sub-page on the website included in your custom build fee.

A: Graphic design services are not included in the 2 hours per month. These services require specialized skills and expertise and are billed at our standard hourly rate. However, if you need graphic design changes such as replacing an image or logo with your supplied image, it can be done within the 2 hours per month.

A: Yes, you can request specific updates and changes for the 2 hours per month. However, please keep in mind that the 2 hours per month are intended for basic updates and maintenance tasks, so more complex changes may require additional time and resources and billed accordingly.

A: We keep track of the hours used for updates and changes each month and you may ask if you are concerned about approaching or exceeding the 2 hours per month of included time.

A: You can request updates and changes to your website by emailing, opening a ticket or calling our support team. We will work with you to perform the updates and changes to your website.



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