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One of the challenges for small businesses is staying on top of the latest and greatest social media avenues for marketing. It seems like there’s new sites being launched every day, and many of them don’t make it very far. For the ones that do blow up, however, there are many marketing angles you can take depending on the demographic that settles in there. It’s important small business tips to match your message to the social customer segment that makes its home at a particular site. To help you out with this task, learn about the four social customer segments you should be watching (and targeting!)

Fashionista Professionals

  • 26% of social media users are Fashionista Professionals, who range in age from 25 to 34. The highlights of this particular demographic is that they tend to have a large portion of disposable income, they do not have children to reduce this income, they want to be able to connect to the brands that they’re purchasing from, and they have a population of 47.2 million. They are active on social media sites such as Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter and value responsive customer service.

Knights with Shiny Macs

  • The next demographic, known as Knights with Shiny Macs, make up 9% of the population with 16.5 million people. They are very tech orientated, with high salaries, very active on social media networks, and generally very helpful. If you’re looking to augment your own customer service online, promoting this demographic in your community means they’ll probably help your customer out before you even need to. They command high salaries so their income gives them plenty of leeway for purchasing.

Web-Building Techies

  • Web-Building Techies number 29 million, and are men ranging from 21 to 24 years old. If you’re a tech orientated small business and you want to bring in early adopters, these are the guys for you. They like connecting with other technologically minded people, and exclusive free trials are a good way to bring them in. They spend a lot of time on social media networks, so if you get in good with them, they’ll sing your praises across the Internet.

Bargain Hunting Mamas

  • The Bargain-Hunting Mamas are women aged 35 to 44, with a 24.6 million population. They have control over bill paying and household finances, which means they’re making most of the financial decisions for the home. While they might not have the highest salary themselves, they are a very important demographic in the social media world. They are savvy shoppers, so their first stop when looking at products is to check out whether they are the best value, if there are coupons available, and what reviews are saying. They also tend to get involved in online communities such as forums.

Not all social customer segments might apply to your particular product lines, but it’s well worth knowing the types of people who spend a lot of time on social media sites. You can gear your incentives, information, and online communities to attracting the demographic that best fits your brand and products.

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