Want to be found on the first page of Google?

Google is the most popular search engine on the internet, and increasing your Google ranking is the surest way to increase your small business website response rates. While it’s often been said that content is king on the internet, when it comes to Google ranks, links are a closely-held second place queen. If you don’t already have a website for your small business, PowerSites can help.

One key method to improve your Google ranking is to increase the number of high-quality back links you have to your site. In addition to creating more back links, here are 5 more ways to increase your Google ranking:

  • Evergreen Content

    Staying current is important when it comes to website content, but if you want to consistently rank higher on Google, evergreen content is the key. One of the most important marketing tips given by almost every expert is to create content that has staying power. If it’s relevant a year from now, readers will still find value in your posts and will stay on the site longer. This translates to more sales and more repeat customers. Readers who only find last years’ news on your site will be left wondering how else you’ve fallen behind the times.

  • Increase your Google Ranking

  • Keywords

    Use Google’s Keyword Tool to find useful search terms for your particular business. Customers looking for your type of product or service will search online using specific phrases. Search engine optimization, or SEO, aims to take advantage of these common search phrases by sprinkling them into pages on your site where Google can pick up on them when performing a search. Look for phrases that have a relatively high search number and a relatively low competition. If you need help with starting your SEO campaign, contact our PowerClicks team today.

  • Guest Blogging

    Contact website owners in related fields and offer to write a guest blog post in exchange for a link back to your site. Bloggers are almost always open to guest bloggers, as it gives an exciting new flavor for their readers to sample. You’ll get the word out there about your small business, get a valuable link back to your site and maybe increase your readership and fan base. Stick with blogs where you have a great amount of knowledge on the subject matter, or where you are an acknowledged expert on the topic, for the best impact. Come back in the days after your post appears to answer any questions or comments the readers may post.

  • Video

    According to Mashable Business, posting videos on your site can increase your rankings dramatically. Video can put a face on your business and convey a sense of the company culture and attitude. If you’re known as friendly, helpful or knowledgeable, create a series of small videos that demonstrate those traits. Google likes video, and shows it appropriately in its rankings.

  • Update Regularly

    One of the oldest and most valuable small business tips for website owners is to update your website or blog on a regular basis. There’s no need to post every day if you don’t have anything new to say, but create a schedule and stick to it. Regular readers and customers will begin to count on seeing new posts, and will be disappointed if they don’t appear.

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