5 Reasons Why Your Small Business Should Be on Facebook

It’s hard to believe, but Facebook is not just for posting kitten videos and pictures of last night’s dinner. In fact, Facebook can be a powerful tool to get your small business in front of a multitude of potential customers, as well as keeping the customers you already have.

But other than giving you a place to collect “Fans” and post pictures, why bother getting your small business on Facebook?

For starters, there’s the obvious:

Free Advertising

One of Facebook’s greatest advantages is that it’s free. And all it takes is a few minutes to set up your business’s profile before it’s being eyeballed by customers. But if you want to invest a bit more into your Facebook advertising, you can do that, too, because Facebook also offers…

Cheap Advertising

Those little ads on the right-hand side of the screen are not terribly pricey. Granted, the jury is still out on just how effective those ads are on drumming up business, but it’s worth a shot, considering how much you’re spending. And how much are you spending? Anywhere from around $20 to $5000 a day, depending on your budget and how frequently you want your ad to pop up. There are also other options for advertising on Facebook, such as paying to “Promote” a post. Check out the Facebook advertising information pages for more dirt on how to sell your small business.

The other advantage to putting an ad on Facebook? According to Tyler Barnett, president of Tyler Barnett PR, Facebook offers “less competition for keywords than there is on Google or other pay-per-click sites.” Furthermore, says Barnett, “when a person is logged into their Facebook page, they are comfortable. When they see your ad on their Facebook page there is a certain amount of trust that is inherent and that you don’t get when seeing a random link on a Google search.” Speaking of comfort and trust, Facebook also provides…

Instant Feedback

People feel more at ease saying things in an online forum that they would probably never say in person. And while this attribute is generally regarded as negative, you can use your customers’ comfort with communication to your advantage. Customers can see your product or offers and provide immediate feedback on what they think of it by posting on your page. And you should listen to them.

Constant Interaction with Customers

Facebook affords your small business the opportunity to build rapport with your customers. The casual “back and forth” conversation via postings can be an invaluable tool in creating discourse and trust, as well as a quick means of relaying information. You can be engaged with many customers at one time, without having to tie up the phone lines, or talk to just one person, while another person is waiting for your help.

Opportunities to Soft Sell

You want to make money. That’s why you have a business, right? With Facebook, you can curb your urge to make the hard sell, and instead, opt for a softer touch. You can offer deals only available to your followers, engage in conversation with customers, acknowledge feedback, and make yourself available. Practice the art of gentle persuasion on your Facebook profile. A more casual and friendly approach will be more effective than pushy, aggressive tactics. You can attract them and keep them enticed with exclusive discounts and coupons for Facebook fans only. Offer them freebies or host “Facebook Contests”.

Marketing tips abound when it comes to using Facebook for your business, but it’s easier than you may think. Be visible, friendly, available, conversational, and attentive to feedback, and you may discover Facebook users scrolling right past those kitten videos in favor of your business’s profile…and reaching into their wallets, while they’re at it.

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