Five Reasons Your Small Business Needs to Have a Blog

Blogging is a great way to increase traffic and revenue to your website.Unless your small business already has all of the customers you can handle, you are probably wondering where to find marketing tips to drive more traffic to your website. Many small business owners are already wearing so many company hats—manager, customer service, bookkeeper—they think adding one more iron to the fire may be too much.

Blogging won’t add more time to the daily clock, but it can certainly drive more traffic to your site and help you increase sales if done properly. With the added revenue, small business owners can outsource their blog content tasks to a professional writing team or assign those duties to new hires as the business grows.

To help you decide whether blogging is right for your business consider the ways that adding a company blog can benefit your company with the marketing tips below.

  • Connecting with Customers

    A blog is a convenient and effective channel for one-on-one conversations with your current and future customers. The content allows small business owners to provide more details about products and services. Through the comments visitors post, you can find out more about what consumers think about your services and what they are looking for in the products they purchase. It is a chance to build and enhance an ongoing relationship.

  • Increasing Traffic to Your Website

    Research indicates that companies with a well maintained blog enjoy approximately twice as much traffic as non-blogging sites. More visitors equates to more potential sales and increased return on investment.

  • Reduced Marketing Expenses

    Perhaps the best marketing tip, or factoid, is that blogging is free or almost free—excluding the time element, of course. If you are concerned about busting your marketing budget, blogging is the perfect addition to your overall marketing campaign. If you can budget one hour per week, you can start a blog to promote your small business. The more often you post and the more informative and helpful your content, the more traffic your blog will attract.

  • Analytics and Traffic

    Everyone knows that increasing revenue is the ultimate goal of any marketing effort, so it makes sense to spend your valuable time on potential prospects rather than casual browsers. By adding traffic analysis tools to your blog, you can qualify leads more accurately. Blogs generate leads— both good and bad. With the proper tools, small business owners can determine which leads are most likely to be converted to sales.

  • Become More Competitive

    Since blog visitors expect the most timely, relevant information available, blogging requires that you spend time exploring the latest technological releases and product upgrades. When you spend time examining what is developing in the market place and what your competition is doing, you will naturally be more informed and able to respond to consumer needs more effectively.

One of the best small business tips you will come across, is to add blogging to your company marketing plan.

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