The Not-so-Secret Secret of How to Rank Well on Google

So you want to rank well on Google? Well, look no further because PowerSites has the answer. To rank well, or even just rank on Google, it’s best to understand what Google is trying to do. Google as a Search Engine has one goal, to provide the best results to their users as possible. They take in the search query as provided by the user and try to find a list of websites that best fit what Google thinks the user wants.

So how does this help you? Well, as Bill Gates famously said back in 1996 “Content is king.” By having more and relevant content on your website you make it easier for Google to understand what services your company provides. When Google better understands a website they’re more comfortable sending their users to that website.

We talk about a little bit throughout our blog posts about SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. SEO is simply, making it easier for Search Engines (Google, Bing, etc..) to understand the content on your page. So even from an SEO standpoint there is a focus on good quality content. As Google’s Matt Cutts states in a Q&A, even without good SEO Google can still find your content and use that to make sure they provide the best results to their users.

So How do you Rank well? Put yourself in the shoes of your customer, what do they want to know about you and your business. Your website is you, online. What services do you provide? Do you do anything special? What makes you better than your competitor? But don’t forget the basics like where are you located, and when are you open. By providing as much information as possible about your business, Google can understand you, your company, and your website better, which will make it easier for them to refer you to one of their customers.

IMG_9375_600x600Michael Baaske is the Web Product Coordinator at PowerSites®, an all inclusive website-hosting, creation, and marketing solution that helps local businesses establish their brand, drive leads, and track success. PowerSites® is a leading resource in print, online and mobile for hyperlocal advertising, and brand management with our Business Directory Listings. Michael’s worked at the PennySaver for 9 years and is a computer nerd and fan of the cord cutting movement.

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